Friday, 13 June 2014

Elephant Spotted!

There's been quite a conundrum going on down here in 'Tales', despite the complete apathy shown by teenage sons-the-elder-and-younger.  How, I kept pondering, was I ever going to catch a glimpse of an Elephant Hawk Moth hatched from the remarkable caterpillars which, you might remember, chomped their way around the garden last year.

As you know, I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to distinguish one large moth from another from under the cloak of darkness, should I go ferreting out at dusk, and moth traps just seemed a bit too involved and possible cruel.

The problem was solved by the flimsy greenhouse tent I've erected for growing tomatoes - although the local snail population appear to view it as some sort of luxury hotel complete with fine dining.  There have been fledgling sparrows trapped inside it, but the other morning I could make out something small and colourful.  My heart leapt.  Could it be?  Could it?

I teetered down the gravel path trying to avoid being tripped by both dog-of-small-brain and the tubby tabby, equally disgruntled I'd obviously forgotten their breakfast.  And yes, it was!  There in the greenhouse was this stunningly beautiful cerise and sage coloured moth.  Son-the-elder was somewhat unamused, when I dragged him out of bed to come and take a look at it, but I'm sure he'll thank me one day!!!

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  1. how wonderful! I'd love to see an elephant hawk moth one day...


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